Chinati Vergano

Asti, Piemonte

Mauro Vergano worked for many years as a chemist for one of Italy’s top pharmaceutical companies, developing aromas and tastes. A lover of drinks, he has long made wine and Chinati for friends to enjoy and thankfully for all of us, behind an unassuming door in the town of Asti he now makes tiny quantities of Vermouth, Chinati and other treasures for others to enjoy.

These drinks are known vini aromatizzati, wines that have had various aromatic ingredients added to them. While these are often good, what makes Mauro’s drinks great is a well trained nose and palate and the use of top-notch ingredients throughout.

He begins with base wines full of healthy fruit. Fresh, clean, balanced wines that provide the perfect jump-off point for the flavour juggling that ensues. Mauro will add to the base wine some sugar, raw alcohol and then all sorts, be it citrus skin, quinine bark, various strains of wormwood and all manner of botanicals.

As is plainly obvious by this small list of ingredients, in the wrong hands this could go horribly wrong. However, we count Mauro as a genius as each and every one of his creations displays astonishing balance and length.