A Selection of Older Wines from Our Cellar

As we enter the depths of the festive season, we have had a little rummage through the cellar and have added a handful of older vintages to the online shop.

There is nothing quite as good as a properly aged wine. The fruit, flowers and exuberance of youth have given way to more savoury, tertiary flavours and the wines have transformed into something more mellow, harmonious, nuanced. Contemplative and often profound, they are best enjoyed slowly, alongside one or two of your nearest and dearest and as such, are very much suited to this time of year.

We’ve added some fine Burgundies with a little age from Frédéric Cossard’s Domaine de Chassorney, a couple of sublime old Chardonnays from Doubs legend Georges Comte, a mature Brunello from Podere Santa Maria, some achingly pure mountain Nebbiolo from Arpepe, and a back vintage from the late, great Lino Maga’s Barbacarlo to our bottle selection.

There is only a bottle or two of each vintage to go around, so please be quick.

Our selection of older vintages is now available on Tutto a Casa