A Taste of the Carso

The Carso is one of Italy’s great terroirs and few express it better than Matej Skerlj.

Matej farms just two hectares of vines across a collection of tiny parcels hidden amongst the woods of the Carso. Just inland from the sparkling waters of the Adriatic on a rocky plateau some 250 metres above sea level, it is a wonderful place to grow grapes. 

The vines are planted over a thin layer of red dirt rich in iron. In search of life, the roots push deep into the limestone below, resulting in wines with wonderful acidity and an often profound minerality. The plateau is cooled by a breeze from the sea and the bora, a wind that comes from mountains to the east. This is a unique microclimate and in Matej’s hands it produces wines that are complex, mineral and intense. 

These following wines are now live on Tutto a Casa

SKERLJ Malvasia 2018
This Malvasia spent three weeks on the skins, followed by two years in old botti and is more subtle than previous vintages, with delicate notes of green citrus and flowers, just a hint of tannin and a beautiful, cleansing acidity that goes on and on. An elegant expression of a fantastic grape and terroir.

SKERLJ Vitovska 2018
This is Vitovska, macerated on the skins for three weeks, before being pressed off to big old barrels for two years. The nose is discrete, with notes of minerals and brine and the palate is taut and linear, with a long, lingering and stony minerality, as if it were etched out the rock below.

SKERLJ Sukkus 2017 [1.5 L]
This is a selection of Matej’s best Vitovska, that spent two years on the skins in a single 500 litre barrel, before being bottled directly from the cask. Turbid and textural, this has the kind of hazy, intense minerality that only karst soils can bring. An incredible wine, just a dozen magnums made it to the UK.