Large Bottles for the Festive Season

As we approach the festive season, our minds turn to larger gatherings with family, friends and colleagues, and for us, that means wines enjoyed from larger bottles.

The benefits of ageing wine in larger vessels are well documented and as well as tasting delicious, above all else, these big, beautiful bottles bring a real sense of occasion to the table.

A magnum or jeroboam allows everyone in a larger group to enjoy the same wine at the same time, or if enjoyed with just a few of your nearest and dearest, you can watch a complex wine unfurl slowly over time.

From sparkling wines to begin a meal, and light and fragrant numbers to quench a collective thirst, to layered, mineral whites that reveal themselves slowly, and deep, dark and brooding reds that really blossom over time, we always try to keep a selection of great wines in big bottles available from our cellar.

A selection of our favourite magnums and jeroboams is now available on Tutto a Casa