New from Amélie Vuillet and Sébastien Jacques

These might be the best wines we have tasted from two of the Jura’s most talented young growers, Amélie Vuillet and Sébastien Jacques.

Both natives of the region, for many years Amélie and Seb have worked alongside some of the region’s great vignerons. Today they farm just over a hectare of old vines spread over tiny parcels around their home in Molamboz, and in nearby Arbois and Montigny-lès-Arsures.

Their work in the vineyards displays the utmost respect for nature. They rarely use treatments and work the soil with horses and a real focus on the vines’ development. Likewise, in the cellar they work with the simplest of equipment and nothing but gravity in the hope of offering as pure a reflection of place as possible.

These wines come from the 2022 vintage, the most generous in recent memory and one that was much needed in these parts. An uncommonly warm, dry growing season proceeded without issue, allowing them to fill the cellar with lots of beautiful grapes and the wines they have made are just stunning. Reflecting the vintage, they burst with pristine, perfectly ripe fruit, offering all the colours, aromas and energy that made us fall in love with the Jura in the first place.

Amélie and Seb’s wines are now available on Tutto a Casa with a limit of one bottle of each cuvée per customer.