New from Anders and Anne

The time has come to share some long-awaited new releases from Anders Frederik Steen and Anne Bruun Blauert.

From the cellar underneath their home in the village of Valvignères, former sommelier Anders and his partner Anne make highly original wines that never cease to thrill and surprise.

Last year was a disastrous harvest for the two, with hail destroying all of their vineyards overnight and as such these latest releases focus on grapes sourced from trusted friends elsewhere in the Ardèche, such as the Oustrics of Le Mazel, from further afield in Alsace, and wines that have been resting in their cellar for some time.

To taste these wines is to experience these iconic regions through a different lens. Thoughtful creativity and a willingness to experiment allow the two to produce pure, lively wines that are utterly unique. 
As always, these wines are in great demand so please be quick. 

Anders and Anne’s wines are now live on Tutto a Casa