New from Cantina Giardino

Ahead of Antonio and Daniela’s arrival on our shores next week, we are happy to share a whole bunch of wines young and old from Cantina Giardino.

Amongst our readers, Antonio and Daniela’s story is now well known. True pioneers in Italy, since 2003 they have sought out old vineyards in Irpinia, high in the hills of Campania, championing and preserving the region’s native varieties, old vines and the old-fashioned way of tending them. Since their beginnings, they have grown organically and in the cantina exercised creativity, sensitivity and patience in equal measures to produce singular, vivid expressions of grape and place.

If you’d like to meet Antonio and Daniela whilst they are here, on Monday 18th of March they will be hosting dinner at Kiln in Soho from 5:30pm. A handful of tables can be booked here or feel free to join upstairs at the bar, where the full menu will be available alongside their wines all night long.

The wines of Cantina Giardino are now available on Tutto a Casa