New From Cascina Tavijn

Nadia Verrua Cascina Tavijn

We are thrilled to have received a handful of new wines from Nadia Verrua of Cascina Tavijn.

Nadia’s family has been making wines in the hills of Monferrato in the province of Asti for over a century. Their ten hectares of land are farmed organically and the soft, sandy slopes are split equally between vines bearing local grape varieties and hazelnut trees. She works the land alongside her parents, Teresa and Ottavio but in the cantina experiments alone. It is no surprise that much like Nadia herself, the wines are generous, joyful and full of life. 

Built on a backbone of pure, vibrant fruit, these are perhaps the ultimate vino da tavola. They make so much sense on the table whatever the time of year but particularly during these cool, crisp early days of spring.  Sadly, with Nadia’s wines now in great demand, we were only able to bring a fraction of what we would have liked to these shores.
 The following wines are now live on Tutto a Casa