New from Catherine Dumora

After a spate of seriously drab and dreary weather, we are very happy to share some luminous, uplifting wines from Catherine Dumora.

Having produced some thrilling wines under various monikers alongside her old partner Manu Duveau, several years ago Catherine moved to Lamontgie in the the Auvergne’s south to start afresh and began tending three hectares of vines between forty and eighty years old, spread out across small parcels on slopes surrounded by meadows and forest planted over a fascinating mix of granite, quartz and sand.

In the vineyards Catherine adopts a minimalist approach which sees her working by hand with little in the way of equipment, eschewing the use of treatments entirely. It is risky business and over the past few years she has lost much of her harvest to the elements, forcing her to look further afield for grapes. These wines both come from the 2022 vintage, a year that was a little kinder to growers in the Auvergne.

These thoughtful, original expressions of the region are unmistakingly Catherine. Light on their feet, they shimmer with pristine fruit and carry a vibrancy which makes them very much suited to the season.

Catherine’s wines are now available on Tutto a Casa