New from Domaine de l’Octavin

We can think of few wines better to toast the onset of spring than those of Alice Bouvot’s Domaine de l’Octavin.

Over the past few decades Alice has garnered a reputation for producing highly original, thought-provoking wines that show grapes and regions in a different guise. These wines all come from her négociant project, a veritable Tour de France that sees her travelling many miles to harvest grapes with kindred spirits across the country, before driving back to her home in Arbois to make the wines.

Her insistence on working this way means that she has the longest harvest of any vigneron we work with by some margin, stretching from August to deep into October. When we visited her at her home in Arbois last November, she warned us that now she was finally winding down, she was a little tired. After a week on the road, so were we, but we all perked up after a few glasses of these wines, which are as vibrant and uplifting as any she has made.

Alice’s wines are now available on Tutto a Casa