New from Fabbrica di San Martino

After what seems like an eternity, we are thrilled to have received a handful of new releases from one of the wine world’s true gentlemen, Beppe Ferrua of Fabbrica di San Martino.

The Fabbrica was founded in 1735 in the hills outside of the town of Lucca. A twenty hectare property surrounded by woodland, its two and a half hectares of vines are exposed full south and sit within an area of great biological diversity.

Having run one of Lucca’s favourite trattorias for many years, Beppe began tending the vines here several decades ago and without any formal training, set about learning by working alongside and watching carefully the contadini who had looked after the land for many years. Having discovered that the vineyards had never been subject to chemicals, he decided to continue this way of farming, later converting the farm to biodynamics.

In the farm’s tiny cantina, Beppe does the simple things well and employs no tricks. As is so often the case, a healthy vineyard gives pure, vibrant wines and Beppe’s are defined by their soulful purity and real sense of place. One of the most talented and intuitive cooks we know, it comes as little surprise that his wines make so much sense on the table, having a real affinity with Tuscany’s rustic dishes.

Beppe’s wines are now live on Tutto a Casa