New from François Blanchard

After a wonderful visit to his home in Lémeré earlier this year, we are thrilled to share a couple of new arrivals from François Blanchard.

François is the fifth generation of vignerons within his family to have tended the vineyards of the Château du Perron, and the rich sense of history, culture and energy transmitted through his warmth and generosity is a joy to behold.

François farms a total of four hectares of vines, whilst the other twenty hectares of land are wild, planted with vegetables and fruit trees and home to his two horses. The oldest vines have been farmed organically for over two decades, with the focus now on natural permaculture, with great biodiversity on display.

In the cellar, François is open, creative and forever learning. The wines are fermented and aged in a variety of vessels and decisions are made intuitively, based on the fruits of the harvest and lessons learned. The raw energy of the wines is matched by a pleasant density of fruit and layers of complexity that are revealed slowly over time, truly rewarding those who wait.

This release includes a new bottling of his delicious beer, along with a vibrant, perfumed maceration of Sauvignon Blanc that is just perfect for the summer months.

François’ wines are now available on Tutto a Casa