New from Gregory Guillaume

Gregory Guillaume has to be one of the most laid back guys we know and it is always a pleasure heading to his little shed on the outskirts of Alba-la-Romaine to taste through some wines.

These latest releases from last year’s harvest are the best we have tried from Greg, he’s really made the most of what many found to be a difficult harvest, producing lithe, fragrant wines of real charm. As always, they offer outstanding value and we can see ourselves drinking these as much as possible for as long as they last.

We have just received the following wines.


Grenache Blanc from a remote fifty year old parcel in the hills above Villeneuve-de-Berg. This was given a direct press, before spending almost a year in old barrels. A spritely little wine that really jumps out of the glass, it seems to dance across the palate, with refreshing flavours of green citrus at the fore.

GREGORY GUILLAUME – Lou Coulego 2018

From a forty five year old parcel of Chardonnay. This was given a direct press, before spending a year in old barrels. Fruit forward, easygoing and a sheer joy to drink, it is as fun a loving take on the grape as we can recall.

GREGORY GUILLAUME – L’Épicurien 2018

The grapes here come from a beautiful, plot of twenty year old Grenache Noir. This saw a month of carbonic maceration before being pressed off to rest in old barrels for just under a year. The aromas here really soar, heading to a featherweight palate laden with bitter herbs.


A blend of Merlot and Syrah from a parcel up to forty years old. The two varieties were co-fermented as whole bunches for about a month before being pressed off to barrels to rest through the winter. The nose is heady with black fruits, herbs, brine and spice but the palate shows a real lightness of touch, to finish with a pleasant herbaceous note.

GREGORY GUILLAUME – L’Excentrique 2018

Merlot from twenty year old vines, which undergoes around a month of carbonic maceration followed by élevage in old barrels for ten months. The nose is heavy with spice, but this is surprisingly fresh, clean and nimble. A real joy to drink.