New from Tutti Frutti Ananas

Tutti Frutti Ananas is a project that sees Manuel of Vinyer de la Ruca teaming up with some friends to make the kind of laid back, easygoing wines they enjoy drinking by the seaside in Banyuls-sur-Mer.

They farm organically over a combination of sand, schist and quartz from vineyards both close to the sea and up in the mountains which loom above. They make the wines together in Les 9 Caves, a cooperative cellar they share in an old garage in the town’s centre.

Whilst the wines Manuel makes under his own label are deep, complex and intense, the idea here is to do something a little different. These are to be enjoyed in their youth and with gusto, and as the name suggests are perfumed, vibrant and offer fantastic value.

Tutti Frutti Ananas’ wines are now available on Tutto a Casa