New from Yannick Meckert

Our first release of the year comes from one of the rising stars of Alsace, Yannick Meckert.

Born in Alsace, Yannick spent his youth garnering experience and quite the resumé alongside some of the world’s great vignerons. Along the way he was lucky enough to work with the likes of Patrick Meyer, Phillipe Pacalet, and Clementine and Gianmarco of Le Coste, as well as spending time learning the art of sake in Japan with the brilliant Terada Honke. Whilst their diverse influences are writ large across his work, Yannick is very much forging his own path.

He farms three and half hectares of classic Alsatian varieties planted over clay and limestone in and around the village of Obernai, as well as sourcing organic grapes from friends in Alsace. In his own vineyards, the focus is on retaining as diverse an ecosystem as possible. He practises his own take on organic agriculture, eschewing not only chemicals, but also copper and sulphur, instead using clay, infusions and essential oils to help the vines. He prefers to let the wild herbs, grass and flowers around the vines grow, resulting in vineyards that teem with life.

In the cellar he exercises a deft hand that is a credit to his experience and intuition, adjusting methods of vinification to suit the nuances of each variety in any given vintage.

These wines all come from the 2022 vintage, a year reminiscent of 2018 in which extreme heat and drought caused troubles with fermentation for many. Through his experience and perseverance Yannick has navigated the pitfalls of the year with aplomb and these pure, vibrant and uplifting wines are a real treat.

Yannick’s wines are now available on Tutto a Casa