New & Old from Le Coste

Ahead of Gianmarco’s visit to London this weekend, we are thrilled to share a large number of new releases from Le Coste.

Gianmarco and Clementine have spent the last few decades working tirelessly to put the village of Gradoli on the map and today they undoubtedly make some of the most thoughtful and original wines in all of Italy. This latest release features wines both young and old and covers countless styles, offering a fascinating insight into the depth and breadth of the world of Le Coste.

Alongside the wines, we are also offering last year’s harvest of their excellent organic olive oil.

If you’d like to meet Gianmarco and enjoy Le Coste’s wines alongside some beautiful food from chef William Gleave, please join us on Sunday from 1pm at Hector’s in East London.

There is no need to book and everyone is welcome, so please drop by for a glass or two.

The wines and olive oil of Le Coste are now available on Tutto a Casa