Boves, Piemonte

Argalà is the project of two childhood friends from Boves in Piemonte, Enrico and Piero, who have long shared a passion for artisan drinks. 

For many years the two of them played around with producing spirits in a spare room in the home of Piero’s grandmother and in 2011 they sold their first Pastis. 

They make spirits that give a nod to the wonderful ritual of aperitivo and are very much rooted in the Maritime Alps they call home. The alps sit somewhere between Piemonte and Provence and enjoy a unique microclimate influenced by both the Mediterranean and the mountains. The wild botanicals found here provide the foundation for their thrillingly unique drinks. 

The use of great ingredients is paramount, the process slow. They are proud to work in a way very much rooted in the ‘homemade’ approach from which they begun and wish to continue like this. 

In their dialect ‘Argalà’ means to be sate, to be content. It is a name which could not be more fitting for spirits as satisfying as these.