Valtellina, Lombardia

Sassella Riserva Rocce Rosse


A wine that has become emblematic not just of ArPePe, but of Valtellina as a region. This is a unique terroir, even by this dramatic valley’s standards. From a single plot of fifty year old vines planted over red granite near the top of the Sassella cru at nearly 500 metres above sea level, it is the family’s favourite wine and we think the greatest example of old-school mountain Nebbiolo from Valtellina. The wine sees a maceration of forty days in tini and rests in huge old chestnut casks for four years before bottling. It is complex and intense, with a wild, sanguine note and pronounced minerality. A true wine of terroir, the vines seem to have sucked the minerals right out of the rocks upon which they grow.

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