Val d'Enza, Emilia-Romagna

From his family’s vineyards in Montecchio Emilia, Roberto Maestri makes a handful of sparkling wines which embody everything we love about the region.

Roberto began in the early two thousands and now farms ten hectares of vines planted on clay-gravel soils. The vines are planted with local varieties such as Spergola, Malvasia di Candia and Malbo Gentile, along with many kinds of Lambrusco. His farming follows biodynamic principles and everything is done with the utmost respect for nature. In the cantina, the bubbles are made the traditional way here in Emilia, with the second fermentation taking place in the bottle.

Roberto’s wines are simple and nourishing, made with eating well and good times in mind. Joyful and uplifting, these are the wines we reach for time and time again to begin a meal.