Olek Bondonio

Barbaresco, Piemonte

Olek Bondonio’s begun making wine here just a few years ago in an old farmhouse ‘La Berchialla’ which had been in the family for 200 years.

He used to visit the farmhouse each summer, studying the vineyard workers with intent. A seed was sown and after conquering Italy as a snowboarder, he turned his mind to wine, working in the Langhe and also abroad before returning home to tend to his family’s magical patch of dirt.

Olek is lucky enough to work with some of the very best sites in Piemonte and does everything he can to make sure each wine speaks of this wonderful place.

Vineyard work is fantastic, with a real attention-to-detail borne from doing everything himself, while his winemaking exhibits  a patience beyond his years.

The resulting wines are pure expressions of Piemonte’s heirloom grapes.