Arnaud Greiner

Liesle, Jura

Arnaud Greiner farms just under a hectare of old vines planted over six remote parcels and a variety of terroirs around his home in Liesle.

The micro plots are spread out between the Jura and the neighbouring Doubs and planted with a heady mix of Chardonnay, Savagnin, Melon à Queue Rouge, Ploussard, Pinot Noir, Trousseau, Gamay and ancient varieties.

Arnaud’s day job is working alongside Etienne Thiebaud of Domaine des Cavarodes, and much like his mentor, it is needless to say that Arnaud works with great respect for nature in the vines. Tending them by horse and hand, he works organically and with a real sensitivity.

Our years of tasting in the cellar with Arnaud have revealed one of the most talented young vignerons in the Jura. Built on a backbone of pristine fruit, his wines are uncommonly pure, displaying a subtle elegance and gentle focus. It is a real pleasure to share them with you all.