Morgane Turlier

La Chapelle-sur-Furieuse, Jura

Morgane Turlier is one of the most promising young winemakers in the Jura today.

Having worked for many years alongside her friend Etienne Thiebaud of Domaine des Cavarodes, Morgane now works alone, tending around two hectares of old vines planted with all the Jurassic varieties spread across small parcels in La Chapelle sur Furieuse, Buffard, Chamoz, Marnoz and Cramans.

Much like her mentor, Morgane has a sensitive approach to farming and feels most at home in the vines. Her parcels are worked by horse and treated with nothing more than a little copper, sulphur and herbal teas.

Her humble cave forms part of a cooperative farming project she runs with friends in La Chapelle, and Morgane works simply, aiming merely to guide the grapes along their way. She adds nothing and takes nothing away, producing pure, lively wines that carry a beautiful sense of place. It is fair to say that the future looks very bright for this most talented young vigneronne.