Nicolas Jacob

Cesancey, Jura

In seemingly no time Nicolas Jacob has announced himself as one of the Jura’s great talents.

A native of the region, Nico spent his youth working in organic gardens whilst developing an interest in wine. He then worked at the legendary Domaine Macle in Château Chalon and later alongside Jean-François Ganevat in his vineyards and cave. These experiences provided him with a quiet confidence that belies his youth and in 2015 he purchased a single hectare in L’Etoile and began his own project.

In 2019 he acquired a further five hectares of vines spread across small parcels around the region’s south. He has a reputation as someone who works with a great attention to detail, and in the vines he works under both organic and biodynamic principles, with a focus on attaining the sort of quality, purity and concentration of fruit that is required to make truly great wine.

Nico makes his wines in the cellar underneath his home in Cesancey and much like his mentors, he is proving himself to be a deft touch and a master of élevage. To taste from the barrel here over several hours gives a fascinating insight into a fastidious nature, whereby he seeks to understand his terroirs by fermenting and following each small parcel individually, only deciding on the final blend when the wine has garnered a rare level of clarity, focus and detail.

These are amongst the most achingly accomplished and complete wines we have found in the Jura and we are very proud to share them with you.