Gregory Guillaume started making wine in 2011, having originally moved to the Ardèche to explore caves. He discovered the joys of artisan wine from a friend whom he worked for for a few years before starting out on his own and now farms around three hectares of vines around the picturesque villages of Villeneuve-de-Berg and Alba-la-Romaine.

He’s an easygoing, pragmatic guy who makes natural wine simply because it is what he likes to drink. This way of farming and indeed of life ts into a wider philosophy of a respect for nature and its ability to thrive through  finding its own equilibrium.

The vineyards are tended organically, biodiversity is championed and they visibly teem with life. This setting provides the clean, healthy fruit so important when making wines this way. Since the beginning, Greg has made wines made from nothing other than grapes. He’s always been happy to take this risk in the hope of making pure, nourishing wines that people will enjoy everyday and he does just that. While these aren’t the most complex wines in the world, that isn’t the point, time and time again, they are simply a joy to drink.