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A Cantina Giardino Tasting at Noble

We are back with another tasting. Join us this Wednesday 20th August for a tasting of the wines of Cantina Giardino at Noble Fine Liquor on Broadway Market in East London. We will be pouring six wines from Campania’s most exciting producer. Antonio and Daniela de Gruttola seek to champion and preserve the region’s native grapes,…

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A Night at Gabrio’s

When we discovered that our good friend, photographer and lover of Zibibbo, James Nelson was heading to Milan, we suggested he catch up with Gabrio Bini for a few glasses of wine. Thankfully he took his camera along to document the evening Chez Bini and was kind enough to share the photos with us…

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The Art of Vermut

On a recent trip to Barcelona perhaps the most enjoyable (and certainly the most civilised) thing we did was participate in the twice-daily ritual of vermut. Before lunch or dinner, locals take an hour to meet with friends and have a couple of glasses of vermouth with some salty snacks. The vermouth is usually made…

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Filippo Rizzo Lamoresca Sicily

The Sicilian Wines of Lamoresca

Having only tasted the Lamoresca wines a handful of times, the days we spent with Filippo Rizzo at his farm in Sicily a few  months ago were a wonderful surprise and one of the highlights of our trip. It seems London agreed as Filippo’s wines were very well received at the RAW fair in May and we’re…

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The Hills are Alive: Marco Buratti’s Farnea

Another find from one of our trips to Italy earlier in the year, this time from a grower down the road from Damiano’s family home. We made a last minute, late afternoon appointment with Marco Buratti after three days of tasting at the VinItaly, VIVIT, Vini Veri and Villa Favorita fairs after a tip off from…

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