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Gard, Côtes du Rhône

In 2016 after seven years working as the head sommelier of Le Chateaubriand in Paris, Sébastien Châtillon moved to Vallabrix in the Gard and started making wine.

When Seb was younger, every Saturday he’d find himself drinking in the cave of a friend’s father until the wee hours. This went on for quite a while and eventually Seb decided that if he was going to continue drinking wine until five o’clock in the morning, then perhaps he should learn how to make it. He ended up working with René Mosse in the Loire for four years and discovered the world of natural wine. 

Seb fell in love with the Gard because within a relatively small area, you find an incredibly diverse number of grapes, climates and soils. For the time being, he is making wines from organic vineyards farmed by trusted growers, joining the harvest and thinking on his feet once the grapes reach the cave, exercising both creativity and restraint. His masterful palate is put to work and he often blends grapes from different parcels, varieties and colours. The wines age in a variety of vessels and are bottled unfiltered, with no additions.  

Seb’s first few vintages have made him one to watch and we can’t wait to follow his journey over the coming years.